Künstlersekretariat Golan



about us

I have been very lucky indeed to work for and learn from a number of wonderful artists over the last 20 years, and I keep precious and fond memories of each of them. My office now specialises in personal management and in-depth support of a very small number of musicians. I feel that it is important for an artist and his manager to share the same set of values. So I find myself working for musicians who are uninterested in today‘s rampant ego cult, but have arrived at the top through ceaseless work and soul-searching, in an attitude of service to their art. These artists now have a level of mastery and a wealth of experience to share which gives them an unconditional right to be heard.

After graduating from the Zurich Conservatory, I taught music and played flute in various orchestras and ensembles for a number of years. In 1983, through James Galway, I was hired by Konzertgesellschaft Zurich, where I started out by selling tickets, writing programmes and organising concerts. In time, I became the manager of Paul Sacher‘s Collegium Musicum Zurich and was entrusted with the Swiss management of a large number of artists, many of them world-famous. I left the agency in 1995, after marrying Ron Golan, then general secretary of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and we subsequently opened our own office. I am now on my own, after my husband passed away in 2003.